• Toughest Pilot Around

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Nintendo - Kirby

I worked with Mill+ Director Nick Lines in collaboration with Leo Burnett on this Nintendo spot for the brand’s game, "Kirby: Planet Robobot". The idea here was to give Kirby a spunky personality, equipping him with a high-tech mech suit, flamethrowers and chainsaws to beat down evil forces. What begins with a slightly ominous feel switches to fun and energetic when Kirby makes his big entrance.

My Role: Art Direction/Lead Design


Production: Mill+
Director: Nick Lines
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman, Luke Colson
Producer: Jordan Sharon
Associate Producer: Anica Douglass
Editor: Nate Park
Edit Assist: Natalie Wozniak
2D Lead Artist: Victor Duncan
3D Lead Artist: Nick Lines
2D Artists: Tim Robbins
3D Artists: Troy Barsness, Juan Zavala, Cory Cosper, Eugene Gauran, Denis Gauthier, Ahmed Elmatarawi, Krystal Sae Eua, Sean Comer
Lead Designer: Vinicius Naldi
Designers: Amy Graham, Viraj Ajmeri, Patrick Kipper, Clare Carrellas
Storyboards: Vince Lee