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Google - Day Dream VR

Design for the presentation of the Google Daydream logo.
A virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google.


In the initial stage, we are inviting the viewer to let go and dream. We open on a full white circular world, with geometric shapes floating around is. The peaceful sound of wind blowing helps set the gentle and ethereal tone. All the shapes vary in size, like fragments of memories- they pass really close to the viewer’s eyes, drawing attention to their translucent surface. We then slowly begin to see a few of the shapes collide, creating beautiful color reactions that trigger a ripple effect on the surface. The ripple effect is made out of layers of different color tones- they move in different speeds, like a ripple in the water. The moment they touch they instantly connect and blend, forming different shapes, like pieces of a lucid daydream coming together. The shapes start to move around the viewer faster, as the colors take over. Finally, motivated by a strong wind, a few of the memories, thoughts, and feelings come together, to form the Daydream logo in the end.