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ESPN - Fifa World Cup 2014


This concept shows how rhythm, music, joy and soccer are at the very heart of Brazilian culture.

Music brings out the Dance; the Dance brings out the Gracefulness, and Gracefulness
and Joy make up what we call the “Art of Soccer” – and that’s the essence of the World Cup in Brazil.

The “Beat” is what ties the opening together, driving it forward, in different arrangements that nonetheless keep the same primordial pulse. It starts with a simple heartbeat, that evolves to a rhythm played on the pandeiro (Brazilian frame drum) and then to a full ensemble. From an abstract, minimal beginning we see a whole universe be created, tying together elements from our folklore and our soccer tradition. Dramatic, high-energy moments are shown as a chain of multiple instants of the same athlete, as if we were looking at many different points in time simultaneously.

The graphics system for the package items is based on faceted planes that crease and unfold to reveal and serve as foundation for information and imagery. Those shapes were largely inspired by Brazilian modernist painting, with its bold colors and explorations of pictorial volume.

*Designed alongside with my talented friend João Lavieri.