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ADCAN awards is a growing international movement of filmmakers, animators, creatives and industry leaders all working together to make both the industry and world a better place.

The ADCAN awards invites unsigned filmmakers and animators to answer one of the live charity briefs. It's a chance for creatives to gain valuable access to industry leaders, for charities to get content to promote their cause and for the film and animation industries to find new talent.

This year they came to The Mill looking for 8 animations, representing different categories on the schedule.


Adcan always had a bold 2D graphic visual language and we decided to expand that, making their design in 3D. 

We modeled and animated 3d shapes that represent, keeping their simple structure and adding flat color material textures and soft shadows. Overall the look and feel still have the same identity as their 2d graphic package, using the blue and yellow color palette.

Their icons are visual metaphors for real objects, for example cinema lenses and rays of light.
We animated each one of this individual graphic icons, giving them character and soul.

We also introduced sound design for the animations. Our idea was to give specific sounds for each object that appears on screen.